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Après Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connecticut “Take meaningful action to prevent more tragedie…”

Sandy Hook est la nouvelle addition d’une liste bien longue, très longue, trop longue… On se souvient que trop des massacres de Columbine High School en 1999, mais dans des temps beaucoup plus récents comme le cite Barack Obama dans sa courte intervention : « shopping mall in Oregon, or a temple in Wisconsin, or a movie theater in Aurora , or a street corner in Chicago ».

Même si les Etats-Unis  n’ont pas le monopole des tueries en série, (le massacre qui a eu lieu en Norvège en 2011 nous le rappelle tristement), ils en sont assez largement les champions. Le magazine MotherJones (A Guide to Mass Shootings in America) recense 62 massacres de masse par armes à feu qui ont eu lieu dans une trentaine d’états depuis 1982. C’est donc un phénomène qui concerne l’ensemble des Etats-Unis. Sur les 139 armes à feu utilisées pour des tueries aveugles, les trois-quarts ont été achetés légalement. Le magazine fait également les observations suivantes

  • The killings were carried out by a lone shooter. (Except in the case of the Columbine massacre and the Westside Middle School killings, both of which involved two shooters.)
  • The shootings happened during a single incident and in a public place.
  • The shooter took the lives of at least four people.
  • If the shooter died or was hurt from injuries
  • We included six so-called “spree killings

L’article constate que les armes semi-automatiques et les fusils d’assaut sont utilisés dans une proportion importante des cas.

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On a beaucoup critiqué la politique impulsée par l’émotion et selon laquelle les événements génèrent de nouvelles lois. Les critiques ont été assez largement formulées à l’endroit de notre ancien président. Mais en ce cas d’espèce, cet événement qui est loin d’être isolé et s’inscrit dans une longue série devrait être le point de départ d’une réflexion. Ce n’est pas autre chose que Barack Obama a instillé dans son émouvante intervention : And we’re going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics”. Il est vrai que Barack Obama n’a rien engage sur ce sujet lors de son premier mandat.


N’est-ce pas le moment de prendre les mesures qui s’imposent ? Mais n’est-il pas trop tard car on estime entre 250 et 300 millions armes en circulation. Parallèlement à ces nouvelles lois, comment faire pratiquement pour que les Américains qui en possèdent s’en défassent ?

Extraits de commentaires de l’intervention de Barack Obama sur Youtube

C’est évidemment un sujet qui draine une émotion considérable avec des avis très variés : 6500 commentaires dont certains sont franchement insupportables (dont un nombre élevé de commentaires supprimés – au pays du free speech on peut en imaginer l’horreur) il est vrai et de répétitions et des commentaires multiples émis par les mêmes internautes) sur près de 280 000 vues, ce qui est très élevé. Certains commentaires sont absolument abominables et difficiles à lire.

Quelques citations :

  • How can there actually be a debate about politics and dogma at this time?
  • Fortunately for us, God has paid the price for us… so that we can go free. All people have to do is put their trust in Jesus Christ as saviour, and turn away from evil, and they will be saved.
  • Considering the shooter had a Sig Sauer 9mm, a Glock 9 mm, and a Bushmaster assault rifle, along with 100+ rounds of ammo,,, I would say the the proliferation of firearms may be slightly relevant.
  • Sorry but prayers and giving your kids hugs fix nothing; only having the balls to stand up to our insane selfish gun culture will.
  • What children need in a modern country in the 21st century is a book written by bronze-age Middle Eastern tribes 3000 years ago, that endorses rape, genocide, slavery and treats women as property. Forget about fostering a culture of tolerance and respect, what we need is the bible. No wonder they have so many school massacres in countries where they don’t teach the bible in schools much, such as Australia, Singapore, Japan, Sweden and Hong Kong, right?
  • Obama is not my favorite President. I did not vote for him. He may not make the best decisions. But as a leader of our nation, I respect him. I may not like him as a President, but I respect him greatly a man. And I found myself nearly crying as I watched this video of our President, crying himself with our nation today over the loss of innocent children. Can we all put aside our political and religious debates on this video and respect this man for leading our nation through hard.
  • Everyone in the comments, stop arguing. Just stop. Holy shit. This is not the time or the place. We need to cooperate for once.
  • Religion is the biggest lie ever propagated by mankind.
  • The one thing that I have discovered that I do NOT like is his inability to speak from the heart on matters like this. He couldn’t look up for more than three seconds before he had to look down and read what he’d written. It’s hard for me to believe anything that he says because all I see is him reading from a paper.
  • if the govt goons didnt create gun free zones(kill zones) in schools, govt building and theatres, the shooters wouldnt be able to do this. When you disarm the good guys, this is what happens. killers dont go to the gun range to shoot up the place. get a clue people!!!
  • i wish the guy was alive so i can ask him to go to my school, damn niggers
  • How dare any of you argue over this video about political/religious problems?
  • two-pronged approach: 1) Prevent/treat that type of mentality (health services, etc) and 2) Prevent facilitation of these tragedies (gun control).
  • But you’re just talking about guns, Sweeden has about 15 times the population of Washington DC, but comparing averages they’ve had twice the murder rate in recent years.
  • Gun control…some sort of control, now now now! “shall we not stop this bleeding.”
  • Mr. President. Please let this be the LAST shooting!!!! Tears and heart break in understandable. BUT NOW!! NOW IS THE TIME FOR MEANINGFUL GUN CONTROL LAW!!! NO MORE BOWING TO THE N.R.A!! NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT AND ACT STRONGLY!!
  • A federal ban on assault rifles is blatantly unconstitutional. We need stricter regulations implemented into federal law, like mental health background checks.. this is a must.. but to have none at all? You can’t forget the peoples’ right in the 2nd amendment to form a militia and defend against a standing army under a state of oppression.. if you think of the equipment modern militaries have.. tanks, miniguns missile launchers, etc.. Some people should be able to keep assault rifles in case…
  • My hart goes with parents of kids died in USA ,also think about all those kids died in Afghanistan and Iraq… kids are kids regardless of where they com from. I hope USA d something about it war polices as well.
  • I believe both Romney and Obama are good men and Romney certainly would have reacted similarly. The hatred that so many have in their hearts for one or the other, but so many it seems hate Obama, is the sickness that we face as a nation. Youtube is overflowing with toxic hate. By morning no doubt ditto-heads will be calling this an Obama conspiracy to generate support for gun control.

On arrêtera là.

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  • jslewis
    Posted 16 décembre 2012 at 22h49

    _meaningful action is a buzzword for another Federal regulation. We have a set of laws already. We juslt choose to selectively enforce them. Chicago has some of the strictest laws in the nation and they have the highest murderer rate. Texas has some of the most responsible laws and has many of the fewest murderer rates. Even the UK is on an upturn in gun crime with their strict laws. Banning the weapon does not deter the perpetrator.

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