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Russia First

5 % seulement des républicains soutiennent la Russie dans le conflit qui l’oppose à l’Ukraine. Mais cette minorité constituée des plus fervents zélotes de Donald Trump et du MAGA World sont particulièrement bruyants. Le site Republican Accountability Project[1] a recensé les déclarations faites par les plus déplorables de ce mouvement.

“So Putin is now saying it’s independent, a large section of Ukraine. I said, ‘How smart is that?’ And he’s gonna go in and be a peacekeeper. That’s the strongest peace force.”
February 2022  ·  Quote Source
“[Putin is] taking over a country for two dollars worth of sanctions. I’d say that’s pretty smart.”
February 2022  ·  Quote Source
Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC)
“Remember that Zelenskyy is a thug. Remember that the Ukrainian government is incredibly corrupt and it is incredibly evil and has been pushing woke ideologies.”
March 2022  ·  Quote Source
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA)
“NATO has been supplying the neo-Nazis in Ukraine with powerful weapons and extensive training on how to use them. What the hell is going with these #NATONazis?”
March 2022  ·  Quote Source
“You see Ukraine just kept poking the bear, poking the bear, which is Russia, and Russia invaded. And the hard truth is … there is no win for Ukraine here. Russia is being very successful in their invasion.”
March 2022  ·  Quote Source
Tucker Carlson, FOX News
“Has Putin ever called me a racist? Has he threatened to get me fired for disagreeing with him?”
February 2022  ·  Quote Source
J.D. Vance, US Senate Candidate
“I gotta be honest with you, I don’t really care what happens to Ukraine one way or the other.”
February 2022  ·  Quote Source
Candace Owens, Daily Wire
“President Zelensky is a very bad character who is working with globalists against the interests of his own people.”
March 2022  ·  Quote Source
Steve Bannon
“No Republican should vote for any money for Ukraine. $0 for Ukraine.”
March 2022  ·  Quote Source
Joe Kent, Congressional Candidate
“Ukraine is a DC distraction & scam.”
February 2022  ·  Quote Source
Peter Navarro, Former Trump WH Advisor
“The Soviet Union back before Russia when it broke up contained all of Ukraine including Crimea. The country itself is not really a country.”
December 2021  ·  Quote Source
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL)
“I’m more concerned with the US-Mexico border than the Russia-Ukraine border. Not sorry.”
January 2022  ·  Quote Source
Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL)
“Why does Joe Biden care more about Ukraine’s borders than America’s borders? Does it have anything to do with ‘10% for the Big Guy?’”
January 2022  ·  Quote Source
Laura Ingraham, FOX News
“We had kind of a really pathetic display from the Ukrainian President Zelenskyy.”
February 2022  ·  Quote Source
Mike Flynn, former Trump National Security Advisor
“[Putin is] a very strong leader. He’s been in charge for a long time. And he’s not going to put up with the nonsense he’s seeing in Europe.”
February 2022  ·  Quote Source
State Sen. Wendy Rogers (R-AZ)
“Zelensky is a globalist puppet for Soros and the Clintons.”
February 2022  ·  Quote Source
Roger Stone
“There are in fact bio labs [in Ukraine] funded by our tax dollars…Putin is acting defensively.”
March 2022  ·  Quote Source
Jesse Kelly, Jesse Kelly Show
“So far, Putin hasn’t killed as many people as the Clintons.”
February 2022  ·  Quote Source
Lauren Witzke, Former US Senate Candidate
“I’m kind of confused why they’re telling us to stand with Ukraine when it seems that everybody affiliated or standing with Ukraine is either transgender, a Satanist, or a straight up Nazi.”
March 2022  ·  Quote Source

Les objectifs du Republican Accountability Project

  1. Support Republicans in Congress who, at great personal and political risk, are defying party leadership and defending the institutions of our republic ;
  2. Work to unseat those who have tried to overturn a legitimate election and supported impunity for political violence, including by strategically recruiting and promoting primary challengers through our PAC ;
  3. Push back against lies and conspiracy theories about widespread voter fraud and “rigged” elections.

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