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Lincoln se déchaine

Lancé avec un petit budget par des républicains et des conservateurs tels George Conway, Rick Wilson ou Steve Schmidt, le projet Lincoln produit des petites vidéos incisives au rythme deux ou trois par semaine.
Il a choisi de soutenir Joe Biden et, tout récemment Kamala Harris : « Harris is renowned for her legal expertise and has proven herself to be a steadfast defender of justice and human rights. She has a deserved reputation for opposing the reprehensible actions the current administration has engaged in against both our own citizens and our allies. We believe she will be a powerful asset to the Biden campaign. »


17 août
The Real Joe Biden Exposed!
This ad shies away a little from the politically charged ads The Lincoln Project is known for
14 août
We Can Do Better
Even his supporters recognize his inadequacy.

11 août
“Let Them Eat Cake!”
The Lincoln Project’s latest ad focuses on the millions of American’s facing eviction notices

5 août
Jared Kushner Is A Failure
Being rich doesn’t require skill, a pandemic response does.

31 juillet
See You At The Ballot Box
We will not be stopped. We will not be silenced.

31 juillet
A Republican Wakes Up
If only we were dreaming


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