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Le Wyoming, premier Etat à interdire la pilule du lendemain

Le Wyoming est l’état le moins peuplé des Etats-Unis avec environ 600 000 habitants. C’est un état où les républicains sont ultra-majoritaires. Ils détiennent le siège de Gouverneur et ont une super majorité au Sénat de l’état (29 républicains pour 2 démocrates) et à la Chambre des représentants (57 républicains et 5 démocrates). Ce n’est pas pour autant que l’état aime tous les républicains. C’est ainsi qu’il a sorti Liz Cheney lors des dernières élections de midterms au motif qu’elle avait coprésidé la commission d’enquête du 6 janvier.

La loi que l’état a voté et que le gouverneur Mark Gordon vient de signer précise que : « it shall be unlawful to prescribe, dispense, distribute, sell or use any drug for the purpose of procuring or performing an abortion on any person » et que « any physician or other person who violates subsection (a) of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for not more than six (6) months, a fine not to exceed nine thousand dollars ($9,000.00), or both ».

En signant cette loi, le gouverneur a indiqué qu’elle serait sans doute contesté devant les tribunaux et qu’il faudra organiser au plus vite un référendum sur l’avortement dans le Wyoming. A voir donc…

Au hasard des commentaires de l’article du Washington Post
– Government has no business controlling the direction of women’s reproduction.
– Such authoritarian, self-serving, religiously moral laws have no place in a country where We The People have the rights and freedoms make our own life choices.
– Americans will lose all their rights and freedoms if they keep electing those rejecting Founding ideas and the Constitution.
– Of course this is outraging but how does a governor or state legislature have the authority to ban an FDA approved medication? Really asking. Can my state ban ozempic use unless someone’s truly suffering from complicated diabetes not caused by lifestyle choices? Because that seems equivalent to this.
– Wait until there’s a statewide ban on vaccines for polio, mumps, pertussis, rubella, tetanus, COVID-19, pneumonia, shingles, …
– The United States is a surprisingly dangerous place to be pregnant. The U.S. maternal mortality rate—nearly 24 deaths per 100,000 live births, as of 2020—is far higher than in comparable developed nations, and research shows it has gotten worse in recent years, not better. Maternal death rates are particularly high among Black women, at 55 deaths per 100,000 births compared to 19 deaths per 100,000 births among white women.
– Suicide is the eighth leading cause of deaths in Wyoming. I wonder why. It was higher before COVID-19.
– Wyoming has the highest rate of gun suicides and gun suicide attempts in the nation. Maybe the Governor should direct his attention in a direction that might save lives.
– They won’t stop until it’s illegal to engage in any sexual activity unless you are one man married to one woman and are engaged in missionary-style intercourse solely for the purpose of procreation. That’s it. That’s the only reason for sex according to these evangelical nut cases.

If the Democrats can’t wipe the board in 2024 based on this insanity, they should be ashamed of themselves. And if young Americans continue to vote in such meager numbers, they need to understand: you will have no say in what these extremists push through.

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